Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Life over property, take 2

Man shot while breaking into home.

In continuing with the theme of my most recent posts, here's another example of A.) how you would react to a break-in while you are home, and B.) how you defend your property or yourself when it's threatened.

So far the story is very sketchy, but says a woman called to report her husband had shot someone while that man broke into her house. The woman then went on to say that the intruder was one of Warren County's most wanted.

How did she know that? I wouldn't know the faces of the most wanted, unless it was Osama Bin Laden.

Obviously this is a slightly different variation on defending your property, since last week the criminal was driving away with the property, and this week it's a home invasion. I'm interested in public reaction to this one. I hate to say it, but

But you'd better believe if you broke into my house, you'd be meeting with the business end of a lethal weapon.

The scuttlebutt we're hearing is that the woman must have known who the man was. She was overheard at the main County building telling someone on the phone that her husband killed somebody, referring to the intruder by first name only. Suggests familiarity, not only by the woman, but by her family that she was on the phone with. That means there's definitely something more going on with this story...
***end update***

***update Nov 2***
OK so now charges have been filed against the shooter. More info is coming out that the people all lived together at some point, or that the deceased previously lived in the house he was breaking into. I realize not all of the facts are at my disposal, but even if David Brian Richardson formerly lived there, why was he trying to get back in? The 911 tapes have been released, so I suppose it's under investigation to see if he was truly breaking in or what. Obviously it's not a clear-cut story. Nobody's making a huge scene, calling all the news channels to be interviewed, and defend the actions of the recently deceased.

You know, every time I see 'recently deceased' it makes me think of the Handbook from Beetlejuice.
*** end update 2***

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