Saturday, April 01, 2006

A cop's work?

Well, Jim works 3rd shift. He likes it for the most part. I like it too, because it means we get our evenings together. When he works 2nd shift, we never see each other. I work til 4:30, and he goes in to work at 4, which means he leaves the house no later than 3:30. And comes home at midnight. You see the problem. With 3rd shift, he sleeps while I'm at work, and I sleep while he's at work. It's a great arrangement, someone's almost always home, we see each other a ton more, we actually get to eat dinner together, etc. But when he comes home in the morning, and I ask him how his night was, the response is almost always the same.
'Not a single run all night.'
Now, to anybody who has had a job that is terribly boring, you know this sucks big ones. Your time at work goes much quicker when you have things to do. Especially when you have a job that you enjoy. Even more so when it's a job you wanted to have since you were young.
But when my husband has nothing to do, that means nothing is going on. IE, crimes aren't happening. Isn't that a good thing?

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