Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Uh, officer, is this really crack I bought?

What an idiot. OK the key to this story is the guy walked up to UNIFORMED cops and asked them to test his CRACK PIPE for authenticity. What the f***? I am frightened for the future of our nation. No, actually, it's great. This sort of thing helps the boys in blue weed out the people who are so stupid they need to be separated from the general public. The unfortunate part is that this guy probably already has procreated.
In other news, the Supreme Court ruled that if one resident of a house consents to police search, and another resident denies the search, the police cannot lawfully search the house without a warrant. Here's the main problem, and ironically the reason this case was being reviewed: if the police show up to a domestic dispute, and the victim (for argument and ease, wife) invites the police in, and the suspect (husband) says no, the police aren't allowed in. Justice John Paul Stevens said that “assuming that both spouses are competent, neither one is a master possessing the power to override the other’s constitutional right to deny entry to their castle.” Well, if you follow his logic, neither one is a master possessing the power to override the other's right to CONSENT, especially when the entry would allow the police to do their jobs, and arrest the person responsible for the abuse, or whatever reason the police happened to be there. I can see both sides of this, but the reason this case specifically was being tried is that the wife of a lawyer invited the police in to find drug paraphernalia in order to allow them to arrest her husband. Thank God for those 'crazy liberals,' In his first written dissent, Chief Justice John Roberts said that “the end result is a complete lack of practical guidance for the police in the field, let alone for the lower courts.” ...what would we do without these crazies?

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