Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Another day in a cop's wife's life

So today a survey trivia question on Q102's Listener Rewards was "Name something a cop's wife might not like about his job"...my first response, being a cop's wife, is "time constraints"...turns out this isn't the number 1 answer given of people surveyed. Of course, it's not of cop's wives surveyed, it's people that log on to this radio trivia website. The answer most given is "dangerous." Now, maybe I'm just being selfish? When Jim's on 2nd shift, we barely see each other. When he's on 3rd shift, he sleeps while I'm working and vice versa. But on weekends that bites, too. Am I being selfish by wanting to spend more time with my husband than I get to? Am I not liking the wrong thing about his job? Am I being neurotic? That one's hypothetical...

On my way home there is a road that goes from 35 mph to 25, once you go through a light. I know this, because it's in the area we live in, where Jim used to patrol. And part of me wants to defy the limit, continuing to go 35. Why? I know the guys there, and I know also that they don't agree with the limit there either. It's 1/2 residential, but it's 2 lanes either way so it feels like it should be 35. The other part of me wants to obey it strictly, because I should be setting an example as a law-abiding citizen, not expecting to get out of it because "I know a guy." If anything, it looks worse when a cop or a spouse speeds, because they should know better, right?


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La Spud said...

You love Jim and you want to be with him, I don't think you are being selfish. And about the speeding thing, make sure there are no cops around. lol

xoxo, see you soon