Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well today was hectic at work. I keep forgetting to take my 'happy' pills and as such, by the end of the day I was pretty stressed out. I just do NOT get why people are so stupid! I had someone come to me and tell me "I can't do my job unless people tell me these things." Well, there is a training document that this person has to train on, and KNOWS she has to train on it, and HADN' TRAINED ON IT. So...explain to me why this is my problem? It's not my responsibility to tell *you* how to do *your* job! oy
Went to Tom & Barb's for dinner. Cincinnati style chili, homemade. YUM!
I came home with a bunch of things to say, today, but I forget them all. Other than the fact that I've now had my headache for oh, two weeks. Since that's what I went to the ER for, I should probably call the doctor. But it's not a toom-ah!
If you don't get that joke you need to get off this blog, right now.

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