Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gotta start somewhere...

OK OK I gave in, created a blog. I am starting it with the thought I am going to update it daily with my day, my thoughts, maybe our theories on Lost or 24, whatever. I am Amy, aka the Frone. I can be found on AIM as 'froneamy'. My husband is J, known as 'the Lock', Mini-me, rookie, Buddy Lee, etc. Charlie and Holly are our two dogs, also known as Big Head, Chazz, Big Boy, Chuck (all Charlie) and Princess Poo Poo Girl, Baby Girl, Poopsen, Poops (sensing a theme on Holly's nicks?)

Today was J's birthday. I am now on day 10 (give or take) of the sinus (maybe) headache streak, which may or may not get better if I take medicine, eat food, nap, etc. It's getting to the point I get light-headed when I stand up or walk around. So I came home at lunch for the day. Napped the afternoon away, while J really wanted to go to Best Buy and Sunglass Hut and get some fun errands done. I am sure my mood didn't help things. Grumpus! But we went to Kabuto for japanese (yum) and all had to waddle home and burp a lot to relieve the pressure of eating wayyyy too much food. Felt like a pressure-cooker.

Found an awesome new addictive game,, which is more like a riddle solving process. Found it via Clicked, and I'm only on level 5 (of who knows how many), already stuck. Let me know if you somehow manage to get past that level without any outside help whatsoever.

Lost is on tonight, but we may tape it so J can go get a beer. Say it with me now, "Beer goooood"

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