Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm back!

Maybe. Tentatively. Probably.

I'm mulling over a rebirth of this blog. I still periodically think of things from J's job that I want to post, but other things as well. For a while I wanted this blog to just be about his job...but I can't come up with a daily post about his job. Sometimes there are things I want to share that I just can't. And it is the Badge Family now; why should that stop me from posting other tidbits about our life? So hopefully you'll bear with me through the makeover. Hell, if you're stopping by after such a long inactivity, what's a little 'dust'?


AshleeCakes said...

Well, welcome back maybe! Haha. My fiance is an LEO so I understand the need to write about things sometimes. Good luck!

Mama Hen said...

I seriously just wrote almost the exact same thing on my blog...there's stuff I WANT to write about but can't/shouldn't. So I've taken to writing about other family things too...because being a cop is his job, not his life. Right?
Anyway, I hope you get back to blogging...I've been trying to find other police wives blog to read! :o)