Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Cops aren't parents

But why do people think they are?

The other day J gets a call dispatched while we are on the phone. I hear part of it, and he has to clarify it for me. Someone has called in because their five year old is hitting his mother.


Unless the mother is a midget or an invalid, and the child is a giant, what on earth would possess someone to ask for police assistance?

It brings to mind the times he was called because someone's child wouldn't go to school. He told them to be a parent and stop calling the cops.

Parent your own fucking children, and let the cops protect the public from the nuisances you let them become when they grow up.


Paradise Driver said...

Amen to that

5150Wife said...

Right on!

Mrs. "Smith" said...

*Eyes rolling* That sound like a post my hubby did:

It frosts me when people don't deal with their kids and then want to get mad at you when you finally speak up. If you don't want me to tell your kid s/he is out of line, you better do it-before my kids get hurt.

I like your blog and have been reading for a while, too. I'm going to link to you tonight.

Anonymous said...

AMEN!!!! *standing, applauding* You need to come work with me. I shall give you a headset and you too can speak with idiots! You're my kinda people!

Anonymous said...

I tell them ice water works well in getting the young rebel out of bed and off to school!!!

By the time they get home.. there bed should be dry!

Kimber said...

I'm new to your blog, but I just love it. Thank you. And thank you for this post. My dh deals with that type of nonsense all the time.